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Shoaib Akhtar Calls Out For De Villiers To Be A Man On His Offer To Come Out Of Retirement

Shoaib Akhtar has got no chill for manipulative cricketers and we just observed that in his recent 4 minute video uploaded on Saturday about AB de Villiers’ offer to join South African team for World Cup. To a seasonal cricket fan with no knowledge of history between AB de Villiers and international cricket, this would sound like a good news. But the fast bowler had a comprehensive criticism on the batsman because Akhtar has kept all the facts in check. He was pissed on him for a number of things that he found wrong in this news.

The basic reason was that de Villiers had been on retirement from international cricket tournaments since last summer and no one pushed him towards that decisions, he took it himself. He was slammed by Akhtar at his offer to come out of retirement for ICC World Cup 2019 saying that he left for money in the first place and is now making last moment offers just to get in the headlines while his team struggles in Wales and England.

Everyone was shocked over De Villiers’ great revelation since his retirement from international cricket was upsetting to his fan and him being the best player in the team, this was a great loss. But on hearing this news of De Villiers’ last minute proposal to the team, the entire cricketing world was convinced that the offer was absolutely bogus because he wasn’t prepared for it and taking him in consideration would be unfair to other players who have been preparing for World Cup 2019 far earlier than De Villiers.

Akhtar reckons that he only took the retirement last year because he was luring after money and did not prefer being by the side of his country in the big run making the team go through hard times.

"Be a man and stick to your decision and that is only possible once you let go of the lure of money," said Akhtar. For more cricketing gossips and news click here for more info

The dashing batsman justified his decision of retirement last year from international cricket saying that he was out of fuel and was mentally tired. He wanted more time to spend with his family. Adding that the pressure of performing in the matches and getting less time to spend with his family was draining him. Fans however disbelieved him being sure that De Villiers still had a lot of spirit left in him. He shared this news with the fans one-on-one via an Instagram video while World Cup 2019 was still an year away.

But the thing is that he was still into it and had never really left. Even after he put hold to his international cricket career, he played and represented the Rangpur Riders in Bangladesh.

Later playing for Lahore Qalandars in Pakistan Super League however not being able to play international cricket in Pakistan because being defeated in the matched in Dubai.

Then the announcement of him joining Middlesex in England’s T20 Blast was made in February

So while Mr 360’s across the globe tours to play T20 leagues were ongoing the South African team continued to struggle. He didn’t stood by his team and in the last hours before the management of the team was all set to announce the World Cup 2019 final squad, De Villiers realised that he wants to be a part of it. De Villiers conveyed his wish to Faf du Plessis the current skipper, Ottis Gibson the coach and Linda Zondi the convenor of selectors. However, the team-management took the decision of rejecting his offer because they didn’t want to be biased to the South African players who fought hard with the team and for the team in recent times to live their World Cup dreams.

De Villiers earned the nickname Mr 360 for rewriting the manual with a genius stroke-play repertoire that was never seen before. He hit wide half volleys crouched on one knee. Through midwicket he off the front pulled rising bouncers. By contorting his body, he dug out yorkers. He spared no bowler on the planet and this left all the fans breathless.

The media reported two reasons behind de Villiers rejection by the management of the South African team. First is the fact that de Villiers took retirement in May 2018, an exact year before World Cup 2019 was scheduled. Hence, there was no spot for him in the team because of his lacking in the fulfilment of the selection criteria, which was to play South African international cricket or domestic cricket in the intervening months. Second reason being that the team-management was convinced that including de Villiers would stir prejudice among the players who have been playing for the team in his absence.

The strongly-worded video of Akhtar on his YouTube channel blamed De Villiers clearly and boldly for his actions. He expressed suspicion on the timing of De Villiers’ big revelations. The legendary pacer was affirmative this was only an attention seeking gimmick to be in the headlines. The accusation that Akhtar placed on the former South Africa skipper made him guilty for choosing money over his own country implying that AB de Villers’ decision was solely motivated after monetary reasons.

His accusation followed up with a little explanation saying that the retired cricket star was facing pressure to leave IPL and PSL to spare himself for the preparation of World Cup 2019 and he made his choice by taking an early retirement making himself unavailable for the World Cup. The choice was clearly finance related explained Akhtar.

Akhtar main agenda was De Villiers’ timing. He said that the former skipper just cleared his name by taking retirement because the Proteas were even struggling when he had not taken retirement. He said it was disappointing that De Villiers prioritized money over his team. He added that he doesn’t have anything against people making money but if they want to do that they should opt the right way keeping country as their priority. Also supporting the management on the decision they made to drop De Villiers’ offer.

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