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Pakistani YouTuber Finds The Cricketer With Unique, Funny Bowling Whom Indians Have Been Searching

Cricket is the favorite sports of both Indians and Pakistanis. And the youth are enthusiastic about it. You’ll find every corner and gully occupied with cricket players having their own bowling and batting styles. Some of these players even have a better game than many international players.

Two weeks ago a video of a gully cricketer went viral on Tik Tok in India. He became an internet sensation because of his unique, funny bowling action. Whole India became a fan of this cricketer which they were assuming to be an Indian. People were urging BCCI to find him and take him on the team for the upcoming tournament where team India is playing.

After which Times of India covered the story and posted this video on Facebook.

This is the video we are talking about:

However, a Pakistani YouTuber recently disclosed that this cricketer named Faisal Asghar is none other than a Pakistani. Isn’t this a great news for Pakistan? A gully cricketer that was being admired across the borders, turns out to be a Pakistani. He revealed that the cricketer is from Lahore. Its inspiring for the nation but not shocking. As cricket talent has always been a part of the streets of Pakistan. But very few of it is actually recognized.

Well, this gully cricketer as told by the YouTuber has been playing cricket for a long time. And his friends, including the YouTuber himself used to laugh on him for his bowling action. But little did they know that one day the unique and funny style of their friend would make him famous across borders.

The talented cricketer is a left-arm bowler. His unique style creates confusion in the mind of the batsman, as to where they should aim their hit. And in this confusion he knocks out the stumps. This could be a great use to the bowling line of any team that would take him in. Which is why the Indians were so driven towards getting him included in Team India. However, Team Pakistan has been unknown of the fact that this cricketer exists in Lahore, Pakistan.

The world has had and still has bowlers with unique actions. Like J. Bumrah, Lasith Malinga, Sohail Tanveer, Manoj Tivari, Kevin Kothigoda, Shivil Koushik, Paul Adams, Shiva Singh. But this one is just an absolute new addition to the history.

On being asked about how this video was shot and got up on the internet, Asghar responded that every time he gets on field people start shooting videos, it was a common practice. Which was of course because of his unique style. So he had no idea that this time it was on its way to the internet.

He also told the YouTuber that he has been playing at district level too. And his school had played as the booster to his passion for cricket. For more cricketing updates visit this site

This video has gained recognition among 2.2M people via the Times Of India page on Facebook. However, Pakistan is unknown to the talent of Asghar. On which Asghar disappointingly says that ICC makes big claims that they’re always looking for talent. But even after his video had gone viral and remained in the top ten list, no authorities have approached him. Neither from the media, nor from the board.

What do you think, should ICC approach him for the national team? Let us know your views in the comments.

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