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Amla Agreeing To Play In Pakistan Was The Best Moment Of His Career For Pakistanis

Hashim Amla Retirement

The South African cricket legend, Hashim Amla, has announced his retirement. And ever since, people have been sharing the highs of his career. No wonder he was one of the players who became international favorites. He has won the hearts of cricket fans through his classic and elegant batting style.

Likewise, Pakistanis admire him too. And as the world shared the moments of the career of Amla, Pakistanis shared what they thought was the best moment of his career for them.

When in 2017, Amla visited Pakistan with the ICC World XI squad, Pakistanis welcomed him with cheers and chants. The buzzing crowd gave a warm welcome to the team which included 5 South African players. And now in 2019 when many players have announced their retirement including Muhammad Amir retirement from test cricket, Amla also retires, he is lauded by the Pakistanis for agreeing to play in Pakistan back then.

This admiration is not just one-sided. Even Amla was overwhelmed by the response he received from the Pakistanis during his play. He said he was surprised to hear people cheer for his name from every side. Adding that the crowd at Gaddafi stadium was great. The experience he had in Pakistan was very rare and valuable.

“The experience here has been fantastic, I speak for all the World XI players because we have been looked after really well,” said Amla.

He expressed happiness on the hospitality and warmth that he received from the general public of Pakistan. Saying that if he is to give honest feedback of the experience of playing in Pakistan to the board, he would say it was great.

These statements by Amla just made Pakistanis admire him even more than they did before the independence cup.

He has never failed to impress the fans with his game. As he has an even better record in cricket than Virat Kohli. However, was never given equal status as Kohli. And it has bothered the critics a lot.

Amla is considered as an ODI brilliance in the history of South African cricket. Since he was the first one to score a triple hundred for the country.

Sachin Tendulkar paid tribute to Amla by calling him an inspiration for the young players. He also wished him best of luck for the future.

Many other players wished Amla in good words too.

The people’s favorite cricketer AB De Villers reminded the world of how Amla was doubted in the start of his career but his humility, fighting spirit and incredibly unique talent took him to the heights making him one of the best players in the world.

Another former Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Akhtar, a legend of his own time, said Amla’s retirement is a great surprise to the world calling him a legend, a great human being and a great brand ambassador of cricket Shoaib wished him luck.

Irfan Pathan just recalled the first time he played against Hashim Amla. where he says Amla showed a glimpse of his class in the outstanding inning he played against him. Also adding that he ended his career with playing one of the greats of South African cricket.

Hashim Amla surely deserved the respect he got from the fans. May the world of cricket find more legends like him!

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