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Hopes Are High To See The Team Relive ‘92 Ka World Cup

Pakistanis haven’t forgotten the ‘92 ka World Cup. So every year they have their hopes up that history might repeat and the team might bring the World Cup home. Why is ‘92 ka World Cup so iconic? What is the hype about? Why do we keep repeating this phrase so much? Well, it's because it was the only time we got to know the happiness that is felt on bringing a World Cup trophy home. Other times we just posed with it and came back home with nothing. While our arch-rivals “the Indians” have brought it home twice. Once after 2000 and once before it.

There have been a lot of teams on the list of Cricket World Cup Winners Who Have Ruled The Game Since 1975 but our counter only runs on the wins of Pakistan and India. Plus 1 for our clash thirsty souls, if it’s India vs Pakistan in the finals. It's not just a game, it’s a battle and the emotions run high through the blood of the Pakistani and Indian cricket fans.

Pakistan has played 6 times against India in World Cup uptil now - in 1992, 1996, 1999, 2003, 2011, 2015 and tragically enough India has managed to won over Pakistan all 6 times.

It’s the same this year, not the part where we come back home with nothing, but the one where our hopes are up based on ‘92 ka World Cup. People have been going crazy posting about it. Recently after we lost the match with Afghanistan this was the second most consoling line for Pakistanis besides “ghabrana nahi hai” being the first. More details about cwc19 are discused in this website.

Many people have claimed to be losing their patience and that its IT for them after the team lost against Afghanistan, while others think this was just a warmup and the real game is yet to begin. Point to be noted, Sarfaraz is the one leading the team in World Cup 2019 so it is his neck that is going to be at the mercy of memelords for at least a month and yeah, they have started already.

Due to the passion of ‘92 ka World Cup as in winning the World Cup the public has been overthinking every move of the board and trying to predict who would be a fit in the team and who would not. So despite the board’s thorough thoughts and final decisions on who to get on board, there was a plethora of objection on the selection of the team in the first place.

First wave of objection arose when the selectors showed interest in dropping Wahab by not having his name in the 23 probables to play WC’19 people weren't happy and were accusing the board for the poor selection saying Wahab deserves to be on the team more than Junaid. But when Wahab was picked in the squad, the objections started going otherwise. Clearly, Pakistanis have been riding on the emotional roller coaster and thats whats talking.

Well, Pakistanis we know at the end of the day you guys have a big heart and no matter what turn the team takes, you would still be motivated to watch the next tournament with the same players because “Tum jeeto ya haro, humain tumse pyar hai” is way on top of our heads. Happy World Cup season!

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