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Pakistan Cricket Team fails Fitness Test Ahead Of Srilanka Series Even Biryani Ban Did'nt Work

Mishab Ul Haq Biryani Ban

The Pakistan cricket team team squad of all 20 players have failed the fitness test on Thrusday.

The fitness test was totally surprising for all the players, This was unannounced and every player of Pakistani team have failed to qualify.

“This is the lowest that any bunch of Pakistani cricketers have been on energy in the history of the sport – definitely since fitness and energy levels first began being measured in the country,” PCB

“Misbah has enforced a diet of pasta and grilled food, but our players keep asking for ‘fried handle waali botiyan’ even with the pasta. There just isn’t enough oil for them in the pasta or barbeque and that is resulting in the energy shortfall,” PCB Dietician click here for more related news

With Misbah's strictness for the team players surely we hope to see some great fitness tests in future too, Misbah ul Haq also plans to provide small quantity of biryani and other foods to the players as cheat meals to make the team moral and dressing room environment good too.

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