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Babar Azam Dazzled The Nation By Getting A Step Ahead Of His Idol Virat Kohli

Pakistan had been struggling to retain its position in the CWC19 after the team lost 3 out of 5 matches. However, the fans observed a shocking comeback by Pakistani team. When they one the 6th match against South Africa and 7th match against Australia the whole nation was lauding. But the player who was getting THE MOST attention was the 24-year-old, Babar.

Babar Earned Pakistan A Win

He had the biggest role in earning the team a clear win. Babar made the century off 124 balls in the innings played against New Zealand. It was a huge contribution to the total target score of 237. His century was also the first century of ICC World Cup 2019.

After 32 years, Babar became Pakistan’s first middle-order batsman to score a century. Previously, Javed Miandad held the record.

He Has Virat’s Hunger

With his brilliant performance in Pakistan vs New Zealand, he became the second fastest batsman to reach the milestone of 3,000 ODI runs in 68 innings. The record he made is even faster than Virat Kohli, his idol. Kohli was also in a hurry to achieve the milestones at a very young age. For more sports related news click here

However, Babar is still behind Hashim Amla who made the score in 57 innings.

Batting coach of Babar is certain that Babar has the x-factor in him and that he is special. He also added that Babar is a dedicated played with passion for batting. The 24-year-old never shies away from hard work and loves batting.

The first lesson Babar learned from Batting Coach Flower was how to play the first and last ball of an over. It was clearly seen that he didn’t forget that lesson and used it to get the 100. He was unbeaten in Pakistan vs New Zealand - a very crucial match.

“He's got Virat's hunger,” said Flower. ““I think he'll have a really good career if he keeps his feet on the ground, which I think he will.”

Even though Kohli is far ahead from Babar with 41 ODI centuries. But the way Babar has started his career in international cricket, he seems to be having the ability to match his idol soon. As he reached his milestones faster than Kohli.

Babar said he watches Kohli’s batting videos who is consistent with his performance and is ready to give his 100 percent whenever he comes to bat. With the same passion, Babar aims to become the best batsman in the World and perform for Pakistan in every single win.

Babar Learns From His Mistakes And Has A Passion For The Game

The 24-year-old says he learns from his mistakes and takes advice from his seniors.

Despite Babar’s suffering from the flu he was devoted to not miss any training. A day earlier when he wasn’t able to hit the ball in the outdoor training, he asked for an indoor training to practice, said flower.

Babar’s devotion toward the game is the obvious reason of his dazzling performance.

Talking about his century Babar said that if your inning helps your team win, it motivates you and gives you confidence.

Babar’s Post Match Tweet:

He said that the match was a memorable victory. Posting a picture of his century from the match he said this is for my Soni Dharti.

Seems like Pakistan is going to have its own Virat Kohli soon. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments.

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